How To Start Repairing Your Credit Score Right Now

If your credit rating is in the negative, it's always a good idea to attempt fixing it as soon as possible. A negative or adverse credit score can have a serious effect on your life, as many people use a credit rating to determine your financial reliability. Lending institutions aren't the only ones looking at your credit score to find out if you'll be a liability. Employers and landlords do the same, and society in general puts a lot of store by in the efficacy of someone's credit. Read more [...]

Do You Have Bad Debt That You Can No Longer Pay?

Are you suffering from massive, unpaid Credit Card Debt? How about having your debt reduced by half? Does it sound relieving? Continue reading. There have been many people who have not been able to take advantage of getting their debts lowered because they do not have the cash to settle. However, if you do, many companies will now settle with you at a fraction of what you should pay them. Read more [...]

FreeCreditScore Check: 3 Reasons Why You Should Check Yours Today

Although there are a number of freecreditscore check services available to us, many of us simply neglect to ever use them. But by using a free credit score check service, we could be taking the opportunity to notice whether anything's wrong and get it sorted out. This is important thanks to the fact that so many companies will use our score to check up on us before they do any business with us. Here are three reasons for you to regularly check your score. Read more [...]