Did You Know The Importance Of Asking Whats My Credit Score?

Are you finding that credit card companies have gone from practically giving credit folk regardless of whether they could afford to make repayments or not, to not sanctioning credit for any person. There has to be a happy medium but as yet the banks and Visa card companies don't look to have found it. Add to the fact all different credit rating companies all work out your score slightly differently and the finance companies do it another way again, it's no surprise to see how people get confused. Read more [...]

Free Credit Score

If you are looking t get a mortgage, a car loan or any kind of financing, even a credit card you will not be successful if you do not have a good credit rating and credit score. If you are applying to a bank or loan company for a loan or mortgage these institutions are hesitant to make a loan unless the credit report is pristine. Your chances or obtaining financing are better if your credit report and credit score are clean. In some instances an employer may want to see a clean and clear credit report and score when you apply for a job and the same applies to renting a home or an apartment. Read more [...]