The secrets behind PPI, why it is so profitable

If you looked at the amount of money lenders make in interest from loans and credit cards, you'd be hard-pressed to think of anything that could rival it for putting money in the pockets of the lenders. That is, until you compare PPI insurance with it. Years ago lenders realised that the real money and profitability doesn't come from loans or credit cards at all, but from selling insurance alongside them, or in recent years, mis selling PPI insurance. Read more [...]

Problem Solved – File For Mis Sold PPI Through A Compensation Solicitor

Having an improper PPI is really a problem to carry on each one’s shoulder particularly when you have obtained it due to another person’s dishonesty. Mis Sold PPI is clear when lending firms designate intermediaries to sell PPI to clients because more than likely these consumers are hired not to be paid out but to gain income by means of commissions obliging them to intentionally sell a PPI policy to the point where they tend to mislead clients just to make money. When you have evaluated Read more [...]