How a prepaid mastercard can help you

Using a prepaid mastercard (often called a prepaid credit or debit card) is a great alternative to carrying cash or using a credit card because it's safe and does not allow you to go into debt. Much like a pay as you go mobile phone, you can only spend what you have topped it up with. It's also very secure due to chip and pin technology, has online account management and can be used anywhere you see the mastercard sign. Read more [...]

Stored Value Card – Benefits & Drawbacks

Prepaid Debit Cash Cards are an incredible strategy to manage your finances and manage your spending. They basically let you pre-pay funds into your card account just as you would with a traditional financial account. The money that you deposit on your card is the exact quantity obtainable for use. Most prepaid debit cards is not going to permit you to go over your balance, and this is really an excellent factor because it can save you a ton of overdraft charges -- in contrast to regular bank accounts which typically cost a median of $30 or more for overdrafts! (not all prepaid cards present overdraft protection however most do.) Read more [...]