The Coolest Cars for Summer

The summer road trip is a time honored American tradition. People have been packing up their cars and hitting the open road pretty much since the release of the first Model T in 1908. The tradition has remained but our options and expectations have changed drastically. For some consumers rising fuel costs and the threat of global warming have become the number one factor influencing their car buying decisions. For others the allure of a sleek body and top of the line features is still the number one priority. Whether you are looking for a fun sporty car to take to the beach or a vehicle that you can pack the family in and head across the country our list of top 5 coolest cars for summer is sure to have at least one car that will be perfect for your summer adventure. Read more [...]

Gasoline Credit Cards: 3 Things You Ought To Know

Lets face it inspite of recent reductions gas prices continue to be very high and there are very few ways for getting around the high costs. If you're convinced that gas station credit cards are a way for you to cushion the effect of the high costs that you are made to pay at the pump then you are on the right track. Gas station credit cards will not only provide you with the capacity to save money on gas but additionally you might be eligible for free gas and some other fantastic rewards however it all depends on the program that you select. Listed below are three things that you ought to keep in mind whenever applying for gas station credit cards. Read more [...]

Gas Credit Cards: Some Things You’ll Want to Know

If you are a relentless traveler and you also like driving your car and being on the road, then you definitely will need to seriously look at obtaining a gas station credit card. Gas is a must for frequent cross country travelers and to be able to off set the extreme effect of constant increase in gas prices, highway travelers should make excellent use of gas charge cards. Read more [...]