The Basic Facts Of Real Estate Appraisal

I lately did a commercial actual estate appraisal in Orlando on a piece of property owned by a good lady who however had just lost her husband. Her adult son flew in from out of town to assist her settle the estate. The son required a commercial genuine estate appraiser, and he hired me for the job.

He was confident that the property was worth about $750,000, based on a specific common totally free on the internet site service that you have most likely heard of (hint: it rhymes with willow and begins having a Z!) This free of charge service is infamous for becoming a so-called dependable source for estimating what I call “quick and dirty” genuine estate values.

When I met with him, he had the documentation for his web-derived predetermined value in hand, and he was overly confident that I could be onboard. I went back to my office and right away ran out the legal description for the property on my Deed Plotter software program.

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It turned out that the property had considerably much less land region than this free of charge estimating service stated the property had. Soon after even further investigation, it turned out that the cost-free on the internet estimating service utilised the exact same unit value and land location identified within the county property appraiser’s records.

I did my sales search and discovered 3 comparable sales inside two miles of the topic property, which had closed inside the past couple of months. These sales reflected a reasonably tight range, and towards the disappointment of the owner and her son, the value was about 35% below the $750,000 value they hoped it could be.

Reality Check Number 1 – The assessed value estimated by the county property appraiser could be a genuinely poor indicator of market place value


Reality Check Number 2 – the estimated value estimated by free of charge on the web valuation services may also be a definitely poor indicator of marketplace value

I’ve by no means utilised this free of charge on-line value estimating service, due to the fact very frankly, I cannot picture that a great deal analysis goes into these value estimates. On the other hand, I do check the assessments estimated by the county property appraiser on just about every 1 of my commercial appraisals, and extremely rarely do I come across that their assessments are in-line using the marketplace values.

The valuation for a certain property is usually individualized, and is typically derived from sales or rental information in an ever-changing marketplace.

For this reason alone, estimating marketplace value must be left towards the commercial appraisers who take into account all the detailed analysis necessary in each and every appraisal assignment.

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