How To Find Coupons To Save Money – Basic Steps

What are coupons and how will you find them? Coupons are one of the marketing strategies used by businesses to attract customers. There are many kinds of coupons; it could be for food items, merchandise, entertainment, services, or even health and beauty products.

Coupons are made to give discounts on certain products or services. People shop not just for products who offers discount coupons but for other products as well. It is gaining profit also from other products bought by the customers as they frequently look for coupons on your store.

Shoppers have this psychological attitude of buying discounted price but do not aware of how spending was made in other products. People always think to save something but was not able to control the total spending.

A coupon is basically a voucher that entitles the consumer to a discount off a product or service. You can find coupons to shop online or to go to the store physically. These coupons come in a few different categories.

You can find coupons that will give you money or a percentage off for a certain dollar amount spent at that store, coupons that will give you a dollar amount or percentage off of a certain product, and coupons that allow you to buy one, get one free (BOGO). Some coupons are store-specific, meaning you can only use them for one store, while others are product or brand specific, commonly referred to as a manufacturer’s coupon.

Shopping online is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you are getting the best deal and finding a coupon can make the sweetest deal even sweeter. To begin finding online deals for a specific product, first go to google shopping and type in the product name, making sure to include a brand if known. Sort the results list according to price and find the best deal. Try to look for big companies, as they often have the best coupons.

Once you have found the product at a reasonable price for that company, it is now time to search google for coupons for that company. In google, type in the company’s name followed by “coupons” or “coupon codes”. This should pull up a list of websites that offers coupons for this company and you may even see the company’s website included.

Check the company’s website first if it popped up in the results and then check maybe the first 5 or 10 results to find the best deal. If any good deals were found, make sure to write down the coupon code so you can use it later to purchase the product.

What is the importance of coupons? Coupons are of much help for those people who always purchased name-brand items or products. However, you are more particular on generic products equivalent to brand name then, coupons will be less useful.

For example, if you are buying a name brand medicine at $5.00 a capsule with fifty cent discount coupon, you will end up paying $4.50 a capsule. However, if you go for generics medicine of same quality of that name-band that sells for only $4.00 capsule then coupons is less useful.

Another great idea why coupons are much on the hook for frequent buyers is that you can collect and have it by asking the coupons of your friends and use it. You actually do not have to spend extra money to gain more coupons. Coupons have also a longer expiry period than the price cutoff or sale, which only runs for a day or weeks.

It also is good to know what you can buy and what you cannot buy with the coupons. If you did not know, there are stores that will allow you to use your coupons to pay for certain items and not everything. This means that unless what you are looking for is accepted, you cannot use them.

However, the good thing is that finding printable coupons that are accepted across all the major stores and which can be used to pay for everything is not difficult. All that you are required to do is to choose wisely.

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One way of luring customers to buy something from your store or avail the services from your business establishment. Usually done by new enterpreneur or those that are on a tight competition.

Femi Logo

This is indeed a good topic. I do hear of coupon and I have purchased some items with it but I don’t know the importance of it.
Now I know!


Amazing! This is an incredible write-up about coupons. I do hear about coupons but didn’t know that it helps our saving. Also, I get to know that some stores will accept coupon as means of payment.

Thanks for the information. I am glad


Make sure to check what is the promotion about or to be more aware of the mechanics. Do not be lured by the discount coupons easily.

Oyeyipo Oladele

This is great!!!. I only here of coupon here and there but never new I could make use of other people’s coupon and even share my own gathered coupon’s for my derived and favorite brands of goods and commodities. Thanks for this great information on coupon.


Amazing information about coupons. This definitely encouraged me to do more online shopping to get the best deals.

Oseghale Justin

Wow!!! I never knew about coupon until now, I think this can really save me alot of deal… This is indeed a great and very helpful information, thanks a bunch… Thumbs up.

Meldred Judith

Informative topic about coupons. It gives me an idea on how to use them and where to get them. Thank you.

Baraka Kimathi

Great information about coupons. I’m always on the checkout for coupons of my favorite brand products, but I didn’t know that you can easily check them on Google. Very useful information.

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