The Best Way To Buy Morgan Silver Dollars

An excellent form of investment in coins can be enjoyed by those who decide to buy Morgan silver dollars. Owing to its special place in history as well as its stunning and memorable design, Morgan silver dollars have great value both as a collector’s item and as a form of investment in silver. Should you decide to beef up your portfolio by investing some of your money in the form of silver bullion, you can always consider the decision to buy Morgan silver dollars.

Before you buy Morgan silver dollars, it would behoove you to learn a bit about the history of these coins. Morgan silver dollars were minted from 1878 – 1904, and again in 1921. They were minted at five mints throughout the United States, including the Pennsylvania mint, Denver mint, New Orleans mint, San Francisco mint, and the Carson City mint. The mint as well as the number of coins minted affects the value of these coins, with Carson City minted coins always containing a premium due to the rarity of these coins.

To increase your chances for success, it’s important to understand the history of Morgan silver dollars and how to determine their value. When you buy Morgan silver dollars, in some cases, you’re buying a highly collectible or numismatic coin in addition to a silver investment. For instance, the 1895 proof coin minted in PA, the 1893 Morgan silver dollar minted in New Orleans, and the 1889 Morgan silver dollar minted in Carson City, when in extremely high end condition, can sell for the tens of thousands of dollars.

To improve your chances of success when you buy Morgan silver dollars, we recommend that you only do business with reputable coin dealers. Typically, family owned and operated coin dealers are a good choice, as these businesses tend to put their customer’s interests above their own. In terms of verifying the reputation of coin dealers, there are several different options, including checking the rating of the coin dealer with the Better Business Bureau and as well as the online reputation of the coin buyer through online reviews and testimonials.

If the asking price that you’re receiving for Morgan silver dollars appears to be on the high side, and in particular, well in excess of the spot price of silver, consider contacting more than one coin dealer until you receive what you believe is a fair quote from a silver coin dealer. Keep in mind that low mintage or key date coins will sell at an additional premium above and beyond the silver value of the coins.

In order to become an expert when you buy Morgan silver dollars, you need to put forth the time and effort to have a clear understanding of the factors that come into play when evaluating the price of silver dollars. Once you’ve determined if you’re interested in buying Morgan silver dollars for their collectible or silver value, you can then develop a strategy on how to best accumulate these coins. With some additional effort on your end, including finding the right silver coin dealer, you’ll be well on your way to profiting when you buy silver dollars.

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