The Importance Of Scientific Research & Experimental Development

Without much ado, it can be said that scientific research & experimental development is one of the major ways if not the only way by which science solve problems. The solutions that science provides with this method are not usually the best answers, but science tries to provide the best solution that can be proffered from the available facts.

All the major scientific and technology breakthroughs are the results of years of research and experimentation. The research starts by observing a phenomenon that will then be described, to formulate hypothesis about why it happens that way. In whichever field that the research is being carried out, it always starts with the observation.

An experiment is then carried out to find out if the claims of the hypothesis can be substantiated. Usually a control experiment will validate or refute the results of the first experiment in order to provide clarity to the results. In the control experiment one of the variables in the original experiment will be removed or altered, this usually serves as a reference point against which conclusions are drawn.

Whether you like it or not, the fact remains that you have benefited in one way of the other from at least one of such experiments. Much has been provided by the achievements in the fields of biology, physics, the social science and chemistry. Many of the results of relatively unknown experiments have been used to develop many things that are now widely used all over the world.

In the field of environmental science, studies have shown the effects that everyday human activities have on the environment. The studies also provide insight into how such actions affect the sustainability of the earth and the survival of the human race. These studies have provided models for sustaining the environment and reducing the level of harm done by humans to the earth.

The medical sciences have also provided useful insight into the question of diseases and how they cause havoc to man. Thus, new drugs are being developed every day to stop the menace of diseases effectively. Medicine has also provided useful tips for preventing most diseases and managing the ones that cannot be stopped yet. It is possible that science will also be able to find a reliable cure to most of the terminal diseases like cancer and the deadly ones like aids.

If you have eaten today, you have also benefited from a countless number of researches. The agriculturalists now have many hybrids of all the crops that they plant. These hybrids are coded to resist the diseases that ail crops and they are able to provide a high yield. In addition, those who rear animals have also gained some things in terms of an improvement in the breeds of their animals.

Another common area in which you can see the effects of scientific research & experimental development is in the area of consumer goods. Many products that were barely manageable in the past have been perfected by a great deal such that they now make life very easy. You will in fact discover that many companies have invested heavily in consumer based researches so that they can develop great products for competitive edge.

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