The Point of Pissosity!!!

Hello and welcome to  The purpose of this blog is to address the growing issues of consumer debt and practical ways to rid it from your life.  No one wants to be bogged down in debt.  Truth is it sucks!!!  Plain & simple.

But fortunately it is curable.  Unlike some things that we have no control over in life, debt is something that can be controlled.

Yes, we may not feel it is at times, but truth is, with an effective financial strategy mixed with dedication and strong desire,  you can produce actionable results!

This has been proven time & time again and you can be the next success story!

The main thing is that you must so PISSED OFF and FED UP to the point where you finally say Enough is ENOUGH!!!

If you’re not at this “breaking point” then likely nothing will happen and you’ ll continue along on the same deadly debt path.

But if you have reached “The Point of Pissosity”, then congratulations because that’s right where you need to be!

Be sure to bookmark and follow this blog as we bring you the best information that you can put into play immediately to abolish your debt ASAP!  Make 2011 your year to turn the tides on your debt and gain control of your financial life.

Cheers to a Pro$perous New Year!!!

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Letitia Vancura

Very efficiently written post. It will be useful to anybody who utilizes it, as well as yours truly :). Keep up the good work – looking forward to more posts.

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