Tips For Finding An Affordable But Professional Bankruptcy Attorney

When you are in a financial crisis that requires the services of a bankruptcy attorney, there are many options. When your finances are at an all time low, of course you want the least expensive lawyer that you can find, but also professional and effective at the same time. Just because you’re in a tight financial situation, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for poor service.

Lawyer prices vary highly. Some are affordable while others are so expensive it would be impossible to afford them. However, this is a professional who could save you a lot of money, so a balance needs to be found. Choose someone with reasonable fees, who offers a payment plan to make things easier.

A reputable professional will more than likely be skilled. Find out which practitioners are respected by those in the industry. Look at their case histories to find out success levels, which will indicate a higher likelihood of future success.

Experience is only worthwhile when it’s in a specific field.

Law is diverse and a brilliant specialist in divorce cases isn’t likely to be able to help you with a bankruptcy issue, so select a lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy.

Also, an attorney who has many years of experience in the desired field and whose office is set up in your town will usually better service your needs, because laws vary from location to location and they’ll understand this intricate but crucial details.

In this case, bigger may really mean better.

Lawyers are bigger law firms often have more time on their hands, giving the client the advantage. Emergency situations often requires immediate attention, and firm lawyers are more likely to be able to address them straight away. Those in small partnerships or who work alone are often too busy for this.

But be aware that larger firms may not arrange for the actual attorney that will be handling your case to be present at the interview. This may be fine initially, but try your best to meet with the attorney who will actually be handling your case instead of only corresponding with their paralegal. It’s extremely important to have a consultation with the professional who will actually be handling your case before agreeing to hire them.

When seeking bankruptcy, it is in a highly difficult and stressful time of one’s life. It’s thus important that you feel comfortable with the professional that will be working on your behalf. Don’t feel obligated to select just anyone to handle your legal affairs. Instead, make a great to secure the best legal help that you can afford that will best serve your needs.

In Conclusion

Bankruptcy is a complex process that must be understood before you embark on it. Seek out a practitioner who answers all the questions you may have.

Speaking to two or three professionals before choosing is useful. After this, you can more adequately choose. A bankruptcy attorney often offers the first consultation free to make this happen more easily.

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I really like that you’re providing options to choose the professional who fits the requirement better. Some experienced attornies provide free consultations, so there isn’t any harm in trying it out.


It’s always helpful to talk directly to the professional that is hadling your case. Most of the time success comes from good communication and feedback with your lawyer, a law firm worths it because of that. Great article


This does make sense, because you would tend to go with the cheapest help possible in a bankruptcy situation. Generally, the steep charges by firms deter people as they are already going through a crisis.


I have to agree that lawyers from bigger firms are often better. More often than not they tend to have access to more resources and support than some guy working alone in his office. My personal experience definitely matches what I read here.

Jane Wms

Great article, especially the discussion about the hiring of an experienced Bankruptcy lawyer. Not only is it important to be sure you are hiring an attorney that’s experienced, but its just as important to be sure the attorney isn’t too busy, therefore, he/she has time to work your case properly from start to finish.

Emily D.

Bankruptcy is such a scary thing so I totally agree with this article about glossing over numerous things before actually hiring a lawyer. I do find it sort of ironic how bankruptcy attorneys can in itself put you into more debt if you can’t find the right one!

Marlyn Culunge

I agree with the idea that lawyer’s price nowadays is so high. However, information like this from the internet can give us a lawyer’s advice for free.

Yancy Moron

Bankruptcy is such a huge burden for a person, much more in selecting your lawyer-to-be. Saving your money is not just the sole excuse for us to immediately find one. Experience and skill should not be overlooked, for gaining a win in a case is more valuable if the attorney that you hired does what it takes.


Bankruptcy is a stressful and a difficult thing to deal with. It can really leave a great impact on a person’s life. I agree on the points made in this article. Finding a professional lawyer who has experience with this issue can help deal with the client’s questions and problems. In order to find the appropriate lawyer, one must research very well about the experiences of the lawyer. Talking to multiple lawyers specializing in this type of legal issue can help the person decide on choosing the right.


I hate how lawyers fee will cost you an arm and a leg when you are already bankrupt. I am currently looking how to go about the process and I find this article helpful. It does have some very important tips. I think to find a lawyer with the time on their hands to actually help me without charging an exorbitant amount is a good option to go.


Bankruptcy is probably something that will shake your world and it will become difficult to become rational at times too. So it’s important to remind ourselves that we still need to handle bankruptcy with utmost vigilance. It’s always good to know your options!

Vincent Sick

Glad I found this useful piece of information. I am actually struggling with bankruptcy and I am very much confused on how to hire myself a lawyer who could help me get out of this situation. Thanks for your guidance.

Aissa Jo Quizon

Dealing with bankruptcy issues is a very daunting task. In order to be able to cope with it, one needs the patience, time, and money as well as the best lawyer (one who has enough experience with dealing with this kind of issue) who is capable of guiding you through this very difficult time. These are really great tips to help people who are very confused out there and need a helping hand.


Filing for bankruptcy is an emotionally stressful task. You should find a lawyer who will not only provide the legal procedures for the undertaking, but someone who also focuses on helping you make a fresh start by understanding your needs. That lawyer treats bankruptcy not as the end but a transition to another more exciting direction in one’s life.


Bankruptcy is indeed a not-so-good experience but having a good lawyer on your side can make a difference. The tips mentioned above would be very helpful. You just have to make sure also to tell everything to your lawyer and try not to hide any single information so he can help you in the best way that he can.

wilfredo rosario

That discussion on a large law firm versus solo/small law firm is insightful indeed. At the end of the day, I would want to be with a lawyer who would be with me all throughout this process, no matter what, no matter when…

Risa Trinidad

One must look for someone with experience, training and competence when looking for a counsel to sort out bankruptcy issues. Communication between the client and the counsel is also very important in this like of legal matter.

Kari A.

Man, I wouldn’t wish bankruptcy on my worst enemy. This article tackles some great points. Being bankrupt is a very difficult thing to go through. That’s why it is so important to make sure that you are handing this with a lawyer that is professional and compatible with you. Take the time to find one before making any rash decisions that could possibly make your life even harder.

Ma. Patricia G. Policarpio

Such an interesting article! Bankruptcy is scary in itself, but to also have to find an affordable lawyer who can help you out of your pickle is a whole other story. Thanks for the valuable insight, especially about personally meeting the attorney handling your case.

Jessie R.

This article will definitely guide you in your step by step search before landing into one. Meeting two or more bankruptcy lawyers will do you no harm if you are already facing a financial crisis. Doing this will give you better options before making your final decision.

Marcy G

Just thinking about bankruptcy will be enough to give anyone nightmares! It’s a scary thought, so yes, I definitely agree with this article on going over a number of options first before hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, or any type of lawyer for that matter. It has to be someone whom you are comfortable with and someone you really trust. Don’t just entrust your future and your freedom to someone mediocre. Do your research first so that you have the best chance at overcoming bankruptcy and all the other challenges it may pose.

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