Ways To Eliminate Credit Card Debt

When you have far too much credit card debt, you need to take steps to pay this as quickly as possible. Borrowing money on your card is not only expensive, it’s extremely difficult to become debt free. This is because the money that you owe on your credit card is a form of revolving debt. It lacks a defined term, so many consumers choose to pay the minimum monthly payment.

How Will a Debt Solution Help?

If you can’t afford to clear your balance at the end of the month because the burden of debt is too great, you need to consider the alternatives. You could either file for bankruptcy or find a debt relief program, such as a debt settlement program in order to get your finances back on track. Rather than paying the figure that’s specified in your credit agreement, you’ll pay them what you can comfortably afford when you’ve been paid.

Filing Bankruptcy Under Chapter 7

Filing Chapter 7 enables you to clear credit card debt in just four months without making any further repayments on your debt. This is important, particularly if you’re out of work, have experienced poor health or have little disposable income. You can file chapter 7 yourself, but most people utilize the services of a bankruptcy attorney. The price of professional advice varies, but $2,000 is the average. If you don’t like the thought of dealing with the courts without any prior experience, you’ll find that legal representation is the optimal course of action.

Although the 2005 bankruptcy code has tightened the laws, most people who need assistance are still able to qualify under the rules. The basic rule is that your income must be below the state median. This is determined by calculating the median figure for the last six months. There are other ways to become eligible, but you may need to seek help from a bankruptcy attorney to find out whether you qualify or not. Any non-exempt assets, such as a luxury car, will be sold and the money disseminated to creditors based on the amount that they’re owed. If you’ve filed for chapter 7 to get help with credit card debt during the last 8 years, you’ll need to find an alternative debt-free plan.

Debt Management Program

A debt management plan isn’t about clearing credit card debt, it’s all about making the repayments more affordable for you. You’ll make a repayment to your creditors that’s based on affordability. In order to clear your debts, you may find that the issuer is prepared to put a freeze on further interest and charges. You can do all of this on your own, but most people choose to go through third party. After deducting their management fee, which is usually about 15%, the rest will be distributed to your creditors based on the amount they’re each owed. Your advisor will deal with any calls and letters on your behalf so you’re never completely on your own.

Debt Settlement

A debt settlement program aims to write-off up to half of your unsecured credit. The remainder will be cleared over up to 36 months. This doesn’t happen by accident, professional know-how and negotiation skills are needed to get your creditors to agree to the debt reduction. It’s important to note that, unless your insolvent, the IRS treats any debt that has been written-off as taxable indebtedness income. Always seek advice from a credit counselor and tax advisor before going ahead with a consumer debt relief program.

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