What Does Financial Freedom Mean

Some individuals are inclined to use their credit cards. Even though it is clear that they can’t pay for the outstanding balance. Sooner or later, they realize that they don’t have the funds to pay up, but a lot of them wish that they could. In this case, what does financial freedom mean?

The perks of having a credit card is that it can be used in case of emergency. Let’s just say that a person has not been paid from work and they need money right away. Using a credit card may cover them for a little while.

Certain credit cards have more benefits than others. For example, some will give away points when the individual uses it. The good part about those points is that there is a chance that they will receive a small part of their purchase. This is only valid when the balance is paid at a timely manner. Another benefit for using them is the kinds of promotions and discounts that are offered.

Another perk for having a credit card is that the total credit limit will increase when the balance is always paid on time. This is good news because it contributes to a good credit score.

Obtaining a loan and buying a car or home can be difficult if a person has bad credit. One of the ways that people end up having this, is because they can’t seem to pay off the balance of their bills. This is because they don’t have the discipline to refrain from compulsive purchases.

A person who is financial independent tends to be free of debt. The requirement of finding another source of income is not necessary. For example, if they were to be let go from work they will still be okay for a few months.

Retirees are a good example of people who are financially independent. They rely on their savings and pension to survive. This means that they don’t usually look for other incomes to come in so that they can reach ends meet.

Making a budget that you can keep up with, and paying your bills at a proper time can help. Another way to be free is to save a little bit of your money after getting paid, and don’t purchase things that you can’t pay for. This is because late and interest fees will start to accumulate.

The question, “What does financial freedom mean?” is answered in so many way. Even though people have different opinions about this, it is important how you answer this. To prevent yourself from stress, you can work up to reach this goal.

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Danielle M

Credit card is not necessarily bad, as you said they can help tp create a credit record that can be helpful later. It’s just about managing the crdit cards properly.

Obasa Funmilola

To practice an expense that people might have seen as wasteful, and to be able to manage it within their daily or monthly earnings and assets their different priorities. And it can also be said that financial freedom is for a generation trying to set its own rules for money.


This is a good and lifeguarding post for all that are in service or retired. This will surely help us to active and make meet up with a standard living for our plans in life. If one can be guided with this post, then financial freedom is guaranteed. Thanks for this good post.

Frank Jerry

Financial freedom to me means being out of debt. For me I try to live within my means and that’s fine by me


In order to be financially free, one has to live within their means by cutting unnecessary spending and processing their debts. However with today’s consumerism, that can be difficult to do.


Having a personal financial advisor is never a bad idea. This is especially true for people that can never seem to get a grip of their finances.


In today’s world it’s difficult to be free from all kinds of debt. It’s like we have become a debt driven society.


I think retirees are the only financially people I know. Even some millionaires are not financially free.


I have seen numerous people fall in deep financial debt thanks to credit cards. In the wrong hands credit cards are simply a disaster waiting to happen.


Life can be incredibly hard if you always have a bad credit score. Let’s try and pay those credit card bills in time guys!


If you find yourself in a position in which you are using debt to settle more debts, it’s never a good sign. Financial freedom is what we should all strive to attain.


Achieving financial freedom is never easy. I heard that we are already in debt to the government the moment we are born.


Credit cards in a way are like double edged swords. Use the wisely and you can get a ton of benefits from them. On the other hand, if misused you can get financially crippled after some time.

Meg W

Credit cards are a nightmare when they are in the wrong hands. A lot of people don’t even use them how they are supposed to be used.


A lot of financial discipline is required to achieve real financial freedom. Living beyond your means is usually a recipe for financial disasters.


When you have a credit card facility, it only means you can purchase thing on credit, that is you would pay in the future. Financial freedom is knowing you have the financial capacity to purchase whatever you want with cash readily available. The ability to take care of one’s living expenses.


Financial freedom is not just about owning a credit card but rather knowing that you have money either saved or you have put In place something working for you that bring in income even without you working. That way, you can purchase whatever you need to without being in debt.


My own definition of financial freedom is not in anyway living beyond my budget, having a stable and regular income that can provide for my family. And for the future a reasonable investment to cater for my retirement plans. That’s my financial freedom 😘


Being free from any type of debt, living moderately as its income is, and been able to provide for his or her families needs as at when due. That’s a financial freedom.


Personal finance is what most of the people are neglecting to become aware of. Money is not just about money, but its about the choices that it provides you. I hope everyone who will read this will learn how to be financially free.

Justin Oseghale

Financial freedom is not just about having a credit card but it’s far more than having enough to spend and still have more ahead to spend. When you spend and your mind is totally free from the thought that you have debts accumulated, thats the definition of financial freedom.


Making budget one can keep up with, maintaining and wisely using your regular income securing and preparing for retirement is financial freedom for me. Never spend more than you can afford, never impress. These are my thoughts

Wilson Jake

This is a huge question but this piece has really helped out. Financial freedom is when you can monitor your income, pay your bills in time and leave a moderate and healthy life. Not necessarily an extravagant life style

Gaurav Kumar

sometimes people makes extensive use of credit card even if hey know that they cannot afford to pay back that amount of money and trapped in cycle of paying and again using credit card.


This post is an eye opener on how the credit card works. It is well detailed and informative. I have gotten know things about the credit card which I never knew, the aspect of credit limit increasing when you pay up your balance in time.

oseghale victory

The post has outline how credit cards works. Before this now I never realize certain credit cards have benefit than the others. And this post has made me realize that paying your balance on time will increase your credit limit

Obalade Damilola

A person that is experiencing financial freedom has multiple streams of income and does not have to wait till the end of the month to purchase anything he needs. If you are not financially free, then it’s better to live within your budget and buy things you only need not things you want

Gaurav Kumar

We should use credit card only when it is needed in emergency because there is a chance is being theft or fraud.


To be honest this can be subjective. To me this just means having the stability to live your life. Look I will be a hypocrite If I say I do not need and want money everybody does. However, my goal is not to worry about it. Having more money is a good thing but at times having enough is enough.


Financially independent is a stage where we are free from income barriers. And, it is said right that retirees are a kind of financial independent stage.


This was a great info on Financial independency. The main point here is that we are not in search of work after we attain this stage that is really great at that point.

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