What to Consider When Applying for an Airline Miles Credit Card

It goes without saying that airline mileage credit cards are an incredibly efficient way to save money, manage your credit, and cash in on incredibly useful travel perks. Thanks to frequent flier reward cards, consumers everywhere are enjoying discounted or even free airline tickets, as well as traveler’s insurance, help with car rental services, and much more.

You know you want to get in on the action soon, but with all the choices available on the market today, it’s tough to know how to zero in on exactly the right credit rewards program for you. However, if you know specifically what to look for ahead of time, it’s much easier to make a smart, informed decision that will be sure to deliver the type of benefits you’re looking to receive from your card.

Balance the Expenses Against the Benefits

All airline mileage cards are going to come attached to a unique set of benefits. This is going to include not only your free points earned toward airline miles, but also other perks such as 24-hour concierge services, valuable insurance programs, and potential discounts on everything from car rental services to hotel accommodations. Some cards even offer you the opportunity to earn double or triple points on specific types of travel related purchases.

However, it’s important to remember that each airline card is going to come along with a package of fees as well. Don’t forget to take into consideration each card’s annual interest rate and annual percentage fee when making your decision. Also make sure you check the card’s terms of service. Do you need to spend a certain amount annually on your card to really get the most of it? What other kinds of restrictions come along with the program? Weigh these points against the benefits carefully and you’ll be better able to determine which card best fits your lifestyle and spending habits.

Examine Your Regular Travel Habits

When it comes to the way you travel, what are your regular habits? Is there a specific airline you prefer to fly with or do you typically opt for whichever airline has the best rates and flight schedule at the time? If you stick to just one particular airline, check and see which frequent flyer card programs that airline offers and consider those first. If you prefer to keep your options open, consider applying for a rewards card through a bank instead. Bank-sponsored reward programs offer a much greater degree of flexibility when it comes to cashing in your earned points if this is the way you travel.

You also want to take a look at how often you travel. Before ultimately filling out an airline miles card application, do the calculation on how long it would take you to earn enough airline points to be able to fund your next flight through your current credit use. Also consider these following questions. Do the airline miles have expiration dates? How many air miles do you need to accumulate before they are eligible for redemption in the first place? Will you be able to transfer your miles to someone else if needed or desired? Can you redeem them on items other than airline tickets – merchant gift cards, restaurant visits, and so forth? Knowing the answers to these questions will further help you deciding whether or not a particular credit program is right for you.

Ultimately speaking, finding the right air miles credit card for you is all about research, research, research. The more in the know you are in regards to all the different reward programs out there, the better informed your decision will be. Don’t be afraid to shop around until you find a deal that truly fits!

Apply for air miles credit cards today to start taking advantage of all these benefits. You can apply for a specific airline card such as Alaska airlines credit cards.

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