What You Must Know Before You Sell Coins

Today, there are many who are starting to find a hobby or extra cash through the decision to sell coins. Considering that we’re experiencing loose monetary policies in the United States and beyond, the popularity and price of coins can only go higher. Combine this with the history of old coin designs composed of precious metals like gold and silver and it is not hard to understand why those who sell coins are finding it a profitable venture.

However, before you consider selling coins, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration so that you can maximize your payout when you sell coins to a coin dealer.

1. While the coin industry and the options available can appear to be a bit overwhelming at first, especially to the beginner, taking the time to understand the type of coins that you have, as well as their estimated value, will go a long ways toward maximizing your investment. Whether your coins are foreign or domestic, there are resources available to assist you. In fact, if you have coins that are composed of precious metals, you can be sure that there will be a market available for your coins.

2. Not only is it important to properly identify the coins in your collection when you sell coins, but it’s equally important, if not more important to identify a coin dealer that will pay you the most for your coins. There are many possible coin dealers to choose from, so it’s important to properly research the coin dealers that you’re considering. A good place to start is with the Better Business Bureau. Once you’re satisfied that the coin dealer is in good standing with the BBB, view online reviews and testimonials from previous customers to get a feel for the way the coin dealer treats its customers.

3. We recommend that you consider more than just one coin dealer – at least from the standpoint of obtaining quotes. This allows you to determine if the first estimate that you received is competitive or not. Coin Buyers that post their buying rates online oftentimes pay the most competitive rates, as they wouldn’t openly share their rates otherwise.

4. Take advantage of other options, such as coin dealers that are not within your immediate vicinity but offer competitive prices through selling coins online. For example, you can be living in California but this should not limit you from the decision to sell coins to online coin dealers in Atlanta, Georgia. To do this, take advantage of programs offered by coin dealers where you can send in your coins, have them appraised, and experience a seamless transaction without having to travel all the way to Atlanta.

5. Another option available to sell coins is by using an auction service, such as eBay, but this isn’t recommend for a couple of reasons. For one, the listing and final auction fees are cost prohibitive. Secondly, individuals buying coins from auction sites typically prefer free shipping, which adds additional costs when using this option. Lastly, you don’t know who you’re dealing with on the other end. The buyer may claim that they never received the item or received it in damaged condition. Since eBay typically finds for the buyer when auctions are contesting, you could find yourself out of pocket hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

To sell coins is a profitable venture but it takes effort on the part of the seller to be familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. At first, it might require some effort and investment in time but once you gain an understanding of how the industry works, you should be able to effortlessly pick the right coin buyers and sell coins at the best price possible.

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