What’s My Credit Score Free? Is A Question Simply Answered

Living responsibly includes a number of facets that includes being an active participant in your financial life. Many people are nervous or scared to learn the facts of their financial status but ignorance will only bred misinformation and misunderstanding. Knowing what your credit score is should be fundamentally basic information so if you thinking to yourself, “What’s my credit score free?” there are a number of websites that can guide you to financial clarity.

If that sounds like hyperbole, the truth is that your credit store and history tracks you over your lifetime and impacts any important financial decisions like owning a home, or even renting an apartment.

A credit score on its own however is not the only information you should be seeking and should thus stay away from sites only offering your score with no additional information. The information that is most important to you resides inside of you credit report which you can access for free.

Credit reports amass information from all of your credit cards that include any outstanding balances, payment histories including times of delinquency, as well as any third party inquiries or instances of filing for bankruptcy. Taken together and put through a mathematical formula your credit information is turned into a three digit score, called a FICO score.

FICO scores can range from the low three hundreds up to eight hundred and fifty. The higher your score, the more fiscally responsible you are purported to be. Up to ninety percent of all banks use your FICO score in determining whether you are a good risk to lend money to.

Being financially responsible means taking your financial situation seriously and keeping track of your credit. Also, credit reports allow you to find mistakes or, in worse case scenarios, evidence of an identity theft. Criminals can go for years undetected because consumers rarely take time to go through their credit reports. Take control of your life in all areas by looking into your credit score.

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