Where To Look When You Have Old Coins For Sale

In light of the shaky stock and bond markets, more and more people are turning to the coin and precious metals market, making it an ideal time to move your old coins for sale. As such, there are many old and rare coin dealers that are willing to pay you top dollar when you sell old coins. This article will help to define what is considered an old coin and how to go about selling old coins.

So first thing’s first, what exactly constitutes an old coin? In this regard, the definition is not very clear. In many cases, date is not an overriding determinant of the price of the coin. Rather, it is the rarity, condition and demand for coins that drive how much they sell for in the coin market. In many instances, older coins become rarer and coins in high end condition become harder to find. For this reason, older coins tend to sell at higher values than newer coins, but this is not necessarily always the case. In general, however, old coins for sale command more competitive rates than the more common and more recent coins that are readily available in various mints. For example, the Morgan silver dollar minted in the early 1890s will almost always outsell the more recently minted American silver eagles.

To simplify the criteria, old coins refer to those that are highly valued by coin collectors and coin dealers alike. These coins are typically composed of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum, and carry historical significance; although, older U.S. minted coins composed of copper nickel, and other metals, can also sell for significant premiums. These coins are referred to as numismatic coins, but the more commonly used term is collectible coins.

When you have old coins for sale, the best strategy for selling your old coins is to identify old or rare coin dealers, as they’re most likely to pay you fair market value for your coins. These coin dealers are experts when it comes to valuing coins for their rarity, condition, and demand, which might not be the case with coin dealers that only deal with gold and silver bullion coins.

Your search has only begun with old or rare coin dealers, as not all coin dealers are created equally. In order to sell old coins for top dollar, it’s important to identify a highly reputable and ethical coin dealer who is known for paying top dollar for old coins in high demand. Check online to determine how they’ve treated previous customers and determine how they’re rated by third party accredited organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau. The importance of dealing with a well established reputable old or rare coin dealer can’t be emphasized enough, as this will directly impact that price that you receive when selling old coins.

Remember that obtaining multiple quotes from a few dealers will increase your chances of maximizing your profits. Consequently, you can explore other means of selling old coins such as through coin dealer websites that offer to shoulder the postage fees for the coins, should they be purchased. This will further increase your options as you’re no longer limited to old coin dealers in your general area.

In summary, you can receive a substantial amount of money for old coins for sale if you go about the process the right way. Make sure that you find a coin dealer that is familiar with old and rare coins and that they are highly regarded by their customers and third party accredited organizations, alike.

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